How to consume SOAP service in Node.js

Today we’ll show you how to consume SOAP service in Node.js. When you are working with the large scale application where you may need to use the third party application through SOAP web service. So we decide to share the small example to consume SOAP API in Node.js.

In the previous articles, we have explained about the creation of the REST API in Node.js and integration of the REST API in SPA such as React, Angular, Vue, etc..

Consume SOAP service in Node.js

  1. Sample SOAP service
  2. Add npm dependency
  3. Perform SOAP request
  4. Output

1. Sample SOAP service

First of all, we will take a sample SOAP web service to consume from the Node environment. Let’s look at how this SOAP call might be structured.

Request URL

XML Request Template

XML Response Template

2. Add npm dependency

Here, we will use the easy-soap-request npm package to make SOAP requests easier via Node.js. Run the following command to install the npm dependency.

3. Perform SOAP request

After successful installation of the npm package, perform the SOAP request by adding the following code snippets.

4. Output

When executing the above code, you will get the output specified in the response of the SOAP request. You will also receive the headers and statusCode along with the response from the soapRequest.

You can also check the same SOAP web service from the postman to verify it.

That’s it for today.
Thank you for reading. Happy Coding..!!

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