Generate a GIF from Images in Node.js

In this article, we will show you how to generate a GIF from Images in Node.js. Here, we’ll show you the simple way to generate animated GIF from images using gifencoder and canvas NPM packages.

Package Version


File Structure

  • generate-gif-nodejs
    • images
      • img1.jpg
      • img2.jpg
      • img3.jpg
      • img4.jpg
      • img5.jpg
    • node_modules
    • output
      • result.gif
    • package-lock.json
    • package.json
    • server.js

Steps to generate a GIF from images

  1. Setup Node project
  2. Install NPM dependencies
  3. API to generate a GIF from images
  4. Output

1. Setup Node project

To create a REST API in Node.js, we’ll use the express framework. If you don’t know how to design a REST API in Node.js using the express framework, please checkout the link below.

Create REST API in Node.js

2. Install NPM dependencies

To generate a GIF animation image, we need to install the gifencoder and canvas NPM packages to project. Run the following command to install the dependencies.

3. API to generate a GIF from images

Here, we will get the list of images from the directory called images and generate a GIF image in output directory. You can refer the file structure for more understanding.

Now, check the following API code to generate a GIF from images.

In the above code, we have initialize the gifencoder and load the images in canvas to generate the GIF image.

4. Output

Open the output directory after running the project API. You’ll see that the created GIF picture is available.

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