Reverse a String in JavaScript

In the technical round of the interview, reversing a string is one of the most often asked JavaScript questions. Interviewers may ask you to write different ways to reverse a string, or to reverse a string without using built-in methods, or to reverse a string using recursion. We are making a list of three methods that we prefer.

Methods to reverse a string in JavaScript

  1. Using reverse function
  2. Looping through characters
  3. Using reduce function

1. Using reverse function

Here we will use the chaining the three different methods together.

2. Looping through characters

Let’s use the for loop to reverse the string.

3. Using reduce function

In the last method, we will use the reduce method to get the output.

Here, we have mostly used Arrays methods. You can check the following article to know more about it.
Use of Array methods

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