Remove the leading zero from a number in JavaScript

In this short article, we’ll explain how to remove the leading zero from a number in JavaScript.

Sometimes we need to delete leading zero from string numbers. JavaScript has built-in options to do this task.

Let’s start with examples of different ways.

Different ways to trim leading zero from a number

  1. parseInt() function
  2. + unary Operator
  3. Number construction
  4. Regular expression

1. parseInt() function

The parseInt() function parses a string and returns an integer of the specified radix.

Let’s take an example.

2. + unary Operator

In this second method, we’ll use + unary Operator that converts the operand into a number.

3. Number() construction

Using the Number() construction, truncate leading zero from a number.

4. Regular expression

In this last method, we will use the regular expression with the replace() method to remove the zeros from the beginning.

In the above code, Regular expression searches zero at the beginning of the string and replace it with an empty space.

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