Render an Array in ReactJS

Today we will show you how to render an array in ReactJS. Manymore newbie developers have question about rendering react components from an array of objects.

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If you have a list of the JSON data and you want to display the data in HTML format then you should loop through an array of objects and convert it into the HTML format.

Example: Render an Array in ReactJS

Let’s take an example where we will consider an array in variable and based on it we will try to render HTML.

Variable in form of an array

Now use .map() method to render HTML. Refer below article if you don’t know about the .map() function.

Map, Filter and Reduce Operators in JavaScript

Following JSON data will be used to display HTML using .map() method.

Here we used the first two arguments of the callback function where first argument is used to fetch the single object of an array and second argument is used to bind the key of an element.

Because of the unique key on list of component, it will helpful for react to knows what to re-render and not re-render when the data changes.

After implementing the code, your file should look like below.


For designing purpose, we have written a few style in css page.



Output - Render an Array in ReactJS - Clue Mediator
Output – Render an Array in ReactJS – Clue Mediator

That’s it for today.

Thank you for reading. Happy Coding!

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