MultiSelect dropdown in React

Today we will show you how to create a multi-select dropdown in React. Here, we will use the react-select npm package to implement a multi-select dropdown in React JS.

Demo Application

Output - MultiSelect dropdown in React - Clue Mediator
Output – MultiSelect dropdown in React – Clue Mediator

Steps to implement multi-select dropdown

  1. Install react-select package
  2. Add multi-select dropdown
  3. Output

1. Install react-select package

Let’s create a react application using create-react-app and install the react-select npm dependency by running the command.

2. Add multi-select dropdown

We recommend that you check out the article below.

Implement dropdown in ReactJS

Use the isMulti property to convert the dropdown into the multi-select dropdown.

Let’s create an example where we can implement the multi-select dropdown. Check the following code.


3. Output

Run the application and check the output in the browser.

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Demo & Source Code

GitHub Repository StackBlitz Project
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