Implement dropdown in ReactJS

Today we will show you how to implement dropdown in ReactJS. We will use the npm package to implement dropdown. Start from scratch and later on show you more features related to dropdown.

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Way to implement dropdown in ReactJS

  1. Create react application
  2. Install npm dropdown package
  3. Implement the dropdown
  4. Output

1. Create react application

Let’s start by creating a simple react application with the help of the create-react-app. If you don’t know how to create a react application then refer to the link below.

Create React Application

2. Install npm dropdown package

In order to implement dropdown, we need to install react-select npm package in the project. Use the below command to install it.

3. Implement the dropdown

First, start with the design where we will use the react-select npm package for dropdown and variable to store/display selected option.


4. Output

Implement dropdown in ReactJS - Clue Mediator
Implement dropdown in ReactJS – Clue Mediator

That’s it for today.
Thank you for reading. Happy Coding!

Demo & Source Code

Github Repository StackBlitz Project
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4 Responses

  1. Rahul singh says:

    i have a small problem here– i have to post data in database so.. there is 4 to 5 fields like input fields and dropdowns…in this case how to get all data in one array with there respective name field?????
    format like :{ id: null, name: ‘Alex ‘, postal_code: ‘09890 ‘, country: ‘US ‘, added_by: ‘alex ‘ }
    counrty is dropdown(React Select)
    Please Help

  2. Felipe Villa says:

    how do i change the default style to this dropdown?

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