Add Routing for Shopping Cart in React Application – Part 4

Welcome back to our journey of building a Shopping Cart application! In this fourth part, we’re going to level up our app by adding routing. Routing allows us to navigate between different pages or views within our application. It’s like adding signposts to guide our users through their shopping experience. Let’s dive in!

Add Routing for Shopping Cart

  1. Install React Router
  2. Configuring Routes
  3. Navigating Between Pages

1. Install React Router

First things first, let’s install React Router. Run the following command to install react-router-dom npm package.

You will find the version of the following packages in React application.


2. Configuring Routes

Next, we need to set up our routes. Update the following files where we’ll define our application routes:


3. Navigating Between Pages

Now that our routes are set up, we can add navigation links to our components using the Link component from React Router:



Congratulations! You’ve successfully added routing to your Shopping Cart application. With React Router, navigating between pages is a breeze, providing a seamless shopping experience for your users. Keep exploring and building, and remember: the journey of coding is as exciting as the destination!

Happy Coding!

“Life is a journey, not a destination – and so is coding!”

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