How to export multiple functions from a React hook

In React, we often use hooks to manage stateful logic in our components. Sometimes, we may want to export multiple functions from a single hook, so that they can be used across multiple components.

To export multiple functions from a React Hook, we can simply define the functions as properties of an object, and then return that object from the hook.

Export multiple functions example:

In this example, we define a custom hook called useCounter, which takes an initial count as an argument and returns an object with three properties: count, increment, and decrement.

We can then use this hook in our components like so:

In this example, we import the useCounter hook and use it to manage stateful logic for a counter component. We can access the count, increment, and decrement functions by destructuring the object returned by the hook.

By exporting multiple functions from a single hook, we can create reusable stateful logic that can be easily shared across multiple components.

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