How to capture Enter key press in JavaScript

Today we will show you how to capture Enter key press in JavaScript. Here we will detect whether a user has hit the Enter key with JavaScript/jQuery.

Capture Enter key press in JavaScript

  1. Using jQuery
  2. Using JavaScript

1. Using jQuery

The event.which property in jQuery can be used to keep an eye on keyboard key input. The .keydown (handler) function is used to bind an event handler to the keydown event, and then the keyCode value is compared to number 13 to see if the Enter key is pressed.

We’ve bound the .keydown event on document in the preceding code. You may also use the input field to bind it.

2. Using JavaScript

To listen for keydown events in simple JavaScript, use the addEventListener() function. When this happens, look at the value of the keyCode variable to determine if an Enter key has been hit.

The keyCode attribute has been deprecated; instead, use the code attribute. When the Enter key is pushed, it is set to the string Enter.

Similarly, you may use the event.key attribute.

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