How to add a DateTime picker in React

Today we’ll show you how to add a DateTime picker in React.

In the last article, we showed you how to implement a date picker in React. Now, in this article, we’ll add a time picker to it, so you can choose both the date and time.

Demo Application

Output - How to add a DateTime picker in React - Clue Mediator
Output – How to add a DateTime picker in React – Clue Mediator

How to add a datetime picker in React

  1. Project structure
  2. Package dependencies
  3. Implementation
  4. Output

1. Project structure

  • datetimepicker-react-app
    • node_modules
    • public
      • index.html
    • src
      • App.jsx
      • index.css
      • main.jsx
    • package-lock.json
    • package.json

2. Package dependencies

Run the following command to install react-datepicker npm package.

You will find the version of the following packages in React application.


3. Implementation

Refer to the following files for implementation.


Let’s enhance the date picker by incorporating three additional properties.

  • showIcon:
    • Description: This prop, when set to true, displays an icon next to the input field that users can click to open the date and time picker.
    • Usage in your code: showIcon
  • showTimeSelect:
    • Description: When set to true, this prop enables the time selection feature in the date picker, allowing users to choose both a date and a specific time.
    • Usage in your code: showTimeSelect
  • timeIntervals:
    • Description: This prop defines the intervals (in minutes) between each time option available for selection in the time dropdown.
    • Usage in your code: timeIntervals={15} means that time options will be available in 15-minute intervals.

4. Output

Run your application and check the output in the browser.

That’s it for today.
Thank you for reading. Happy Coding..!!

Demo & Source Code

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