Logical AND Operator in ReactJS

Today we will show you how to use logical AND operator in ReactJS with example. It’s also known as short circuit evaluation.

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Use curly braces to embed AND Operator (&&) in JSX. Let’s consider two parts for syntax understanding.


If PART_A become true then PART_B will execute. It’s the same as the code below.


Refer previous article: Ternary Operator in ReactJS

Let’s refer to the same example of the previous article where we will convert the Tab.js code into the logical && operator.

After changing the code of Tab component, your Tab.js file should be same as below.


Here we have changed the code in only single file (Tab.js), everything else will remain the same.


Output - Logical AND Operator in ReactJS - Clue Mediator
Output – Logical AND Operator in ReactJS – Clue Mediator

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