Login App – Implement Authentication in React App using Node.js – Part 1

Many of the developers are confused about the implementation of Login/Authentication in React Application. So we thought that to share the whole concept of the login functionality where you can get an idea about the login flow.

Basically the idea is to manage authentication functionality using JSON Web Tokens. For that we need to create the REST API for authentication in Node.js (Backend) and implement authentication in ReactJS application (Frontend) with the use of REST API created in Node.js.

In this article, we will discuss about the implementation flow or basic needs only.

So to implement login/authentication in React app using Node.js, we need to use JWT package in both applications (ReactJS and Node.js). By the use of JWT, we will create JSON web tokens from Node.js application with the use of secret or private key and pass it to the ReactJS application.

Divide the whole application in two parts

  1. Node.js Application (Backend)
  2. ReactJS Application (Frontend)

1. Node.js Application (Backend)

2. ReactJS Application (Frontend)

In next article, we’ll create REST API for authentication in Node.js using JWT

In this article, we have covered the general straight forward flow of the authentication. Check out the below article where you will find the more secure way to implement authentication including refresh token and CSRF protection.

Login App with CSRF protection

That’s it for today.
Thanks for reading. Happy Coding!

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