How to add all files to a Commit except a single file in Git

Navigating the Git landscape can be a journey filled with twists and turns, and sometimes you need to make a commit that includes all files except one. In this blog post, we’ll explore a Git command that allows you to achieve this with ease, adding simplicity to your version control workflow.

Git Commit Dance: Including and Excluding

The Challenge

Imagine you’ve made changes to several files, but there’s one file that you don’t want to include in your latest commit. Maybe it’s a temporary file or something you’re still working on, and you don’t want it in the current snapshot of your project.

The Solution: git add and git reset

Git provides a straightforward solution to include all files except one in a commit. Here’s a two-step dance using git add and git reset:

Breaking it Down

  • git add .: This command stages all changes in your working directory for the next commit.
  • git reset -- path/to/exclude/file: This command unstages a specific file, removing it from the upcoming commit.

Putting it Into Action

Let’s go through a real-world example. Suppose you’ve made changes to multiple files but want to exclude app/temporary.js from the commit:

Now, when you make the commit, it will include all changes except app/temporary.js.


Excluding a single file from a Git commit is a handy trick to keep your commits clean and focused. With the simple git add and git reset dance, you have the flexibility to shape your version history just the way you want.

The next time you’re choreographing your commits, remember this dance to exclude that one file. Happy coding!

“In the Git dance of version control, every step matters. Dance gracefully, commit confidently, and keep coding joyfully!”

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