Generate a random password using JavaScript

Today we’ll show you how to generate a random password using JavaScript. Here, we’ll show you the most popular two methods to generate a random strong password using JavaScript.

Ways to generate a random password

  1. Generate a password from given string
  2. Use Math.random() method

1. Generate a password from given string

In this approach, we will create a custom function to get a random password where we have to pass the length of the password as a parameter. We’ll consider the string, number and symbol to generate a random password.

2. Use Math.random() method

In the next approach, we’ll use the Math.random() method to cast a random number (in the range 0..1) to a base36 string (lowercase a-z plus 0-9) and remove the leading zero and decimal point using slice() method. Here, we have used the toUpperCase() method to get the uppercase char in the password.

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