How to detect a device in React

In order to detect the device in React, you can use the react-device-detect package.

react-device-detect is an npm package that provides a simple way to detect the type of device a user is using in a React application. It provides a number of functions, such as isMobile, isTablet, and isDesktop, that you can use to conditionally render different components or styles based on the type of device the user is using.

Step-by-step instructions for detecting devices in React

  • Import the required functions from react-device-detect:
  • Use the imported functions to detect the device type in your React components. For example, you can use isMobile to detect whether the user is on a mobile device:
  • You can also use the other Selectors such as isTablet and isDesktop to detect other types of devices:
  • You can now use the device detection functions to conditionally render components or styles based on the user’s device. For example, you can use different styles for mobile and desktop devices:

That’s it! By following these steps, you can use react-device-detect to detect the type of device a user is using in your React application and adjust your layout, styles, or components accordingly.

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